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About us

Where we come from

We started out as practitioners – social entrepreneurs wanting to do some good in the world. Our work was, and still is, fuelled by a strong creative streak, which began with work in the creative sector delivering live music events, pop-up galleries, community projects and social enterprise. At the same time, we were founded on the back of a strong social sciences discipline – social research, urban regeneration, and socio-economics combining with our creative streak to deliver good ideas.

What makes us different is that combination – robust understanding of the issue grounded in theory, creative thinking to find solutions, and a pragmatic approach to implementing it drawn from extensive experience.

Those three areas – creativity, knowledge, and an enterprising do it yourself approach – are where our name comes from. It’s a play on the Welsh for ‘three lines’ – something someone once described to us as the triple helix of our DNA as a company.

Our name also reflects the three key outcomes of the work that we do – changing the world for the better means: improving people’s lives; making better places; and achieving more sustainable prosperity.

What we're about

We’re a conscious company and we want to make a positive difference in the world. We think creativity and good ideas can do that if given the right support and encouragement. Since 2004 we’ve helped people to change the world for the better by turning good ideas into reality, helping to sustain them, and learning what works and what doesn’t so that even better ideas can be developed in future. We’re a creative, friendly, collaborative bunch with a do it yourself entrepreneurial approach mixed with a strong social science understanding of what makes people and places tick, and we love what we do.

Who we work with

Chances are if you’re reading this then you’re our kind of people and we’re yours. Nobody has a monopoly on wanting to develop good ideas and make a difference in the world, so we work with: businesses; social enterprises; charities and non-profit organisations; people in communities; funding bodies; universities; the public sector. We work across Wales and England and our work ranges from small community projects and micro-enterprises, through to multi-million pound country-wide initiatives. If you aren’t sure if we’re for you or you for us, just give us a call – we’ll be happy to talk.

How we do it

Changing the world for the better with great ideas requires a multi-disciplinary approach – we have expertise in: business and project development; social enterprise; marketing; cultural projects; cultural place promotion; regeneration; urban design and place making; fundraising; partnerships; third sector; community engagement; event management; and research, consultation and evaluation. Our methods are participative and collaborative, based on our strong theoretical knowledge and drawing on our extensive experience of delivering all kinds of projects ourselves.

Who we are